27 in. Single Round Ridge Frameless Wall Mirror with Engraved Edge


The Ridge round wall mirror is part of the Décor Wonderland’s Fierce Shape Collection. This frameless mirror has a unique shape with U-grooved accents and polished edges.
It works in traditional or contemporary design and can be coupled with chrome, brushed nickel or black fixtures.
Alone or in multiples, this decorative wall mirror is an easy update for a room renovation.
The mirror has a protective coating that helps prevent tarnishing and corrosion so ideal for high-humidity areas.


  • Crafted from 2 layers of thick, strong 3/16 float glass
  • Made using real silver, not aluminum. Silver mirrors last longer and provide a warmer reflection.
  • Invisible mounting hardware is designed to keep your mirror secure and keeps the hardware out of sight 
  • Distortion free so no fun house effect common in inferior cheap mirrors
  • Mounting hardware included, comes ready to hang vertically or horizontally
  • Mirror size: 27 in. dia round

Tips on Buying Mirrors

When buying mirrors especially for bathrooms, it is important to look for mirrors that are backed with silver.  Steam from showers fills the room and combines with the metal in the mirror and will begin  to rust. Double coated silver mirrors (as this one is) has the most tolerance to humidity and will last significantly longer. Silver mirrors also produce a warmer reflection than aluminum.  This mirror is  also made using high quality float glass. Have you ever seen a mirror  where the reflection is just not right? It may be a bit blurry in the distance or warp your image, these mirrors are usually made using sheet  glass. Float glass mirrors have a much cleaner finish which yields much less distortion. 

27 in. Single Round Ridge Frameless Wall Mirror with Engraved Edge
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