Worx WX176L Switchdriver with 2 batteries


Jump back and forth between your two favorite bits with the 20V Power Share Switchdriver 2-in-1. With two rotating chucks, you can reserve one bit for the pilot hole and one for driving the fastener and just instantly switch between the two—no fumbling for bits in your pocket or dropping them down a ladder. And there’s no need to keep a second drill lying around. It makes projects where you need multiple bits go much, much faster. You can even keep one hand free to hold the project while you rotate the chucks with your other hand and a little help from your thigh or forearm. Just squeeze the red dual chuck release button and press the head against your arm or leg to switch it over. Easy-peasy. With 12 torque settings, up to a max of 265 in-lbs, you can find just the right amount of torque for the job, and not worry about stripping screws or damaging the project surface. And with two speeds, 0-400 revs/min, 0-1500 revs/min, you have the flexibility and power to finish any common drilling application. A 20V Power Share battery and charger are included with this Switchdriver, which you can switch out with any Worx Power Share tool on the platform. You save tons of money when you only need a few batteries to run an entire tool collection.

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